Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Tudo é questão de despertar sua alma." - Gabriel Garcia Marques

Never let me go

  I'm not trying to find my innerpeace anymore. I found you and you are everything I need to have to be what I have to be: myself! Take my hands, fly me to the Moon, kiss me again in that park during the night with th Full Moon... Touch me. Don't touch me. Let me appreciate every minute of you. Take me to the limit and never let me go!...

Um amor puro - Djavan

O que há dentro do meu coração
Eu tenho guardado pra te dar
E todas as horas que o tempo tem pra me conceder
São tuas até eu morrer

E a tua história eu não sei
Mas me diga só o que for bom
Um amor tão puro que ainda nem sabe a força que tem
É teu e de mais ninguém

Te adoro em tudo, tudo, tudo
Quero mais que tudo, tudo, tudo
Te amar sem limites, viver uma grande história
Te adoro em tudo, tudo, tudo
Quero mais que tudo, tudo, tudo
Te amar sem limites, viver uma grande história

Aqui noutro lugar
Que pode ser feio ou bonito
Se nós estivermos juntos haverá um céu azul
Um amor puro, não sabe a força que tem
Meu amor eu juro ser teu e de mais ninguém
Um amor puro...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

How can I get free diapers, free formula, free baby stuff?

  How do I get that? It's not easy, but yes, I can do it without anybody's help! I'm in this business of on-line surveys for some years now and just now I'm starting to take real advantage of my knowledge and skills about that. Now I know which companies are reliable and profitable and which ones are just BS and a waste of time. Your first step should be register in these websites bellow (please don't stop reading now and go click, read the rest...), everybody knows that on-line surveys pay miserably low! Those ones that promise over $1 for survey I still did not get, did not happen to me yet, so, clearly you've got to sign up to several websites, then when you reach $10 or more you just have to redeem all your gift cards to the same merchants, this way if you go to buy something you'll have enough for the entire purchase + shipping! I started to be smart now: I went to 4 websites which I belong and turned all my points into e-gift cards. I went to and realized that I've some privileges because I'm a Mom! Seriously: I can buy hundreds of items without having to pay for shipping! I found these wonderful baby foods up to 47% off! I selected my items, paid with my e-codes from those surveys jobs and I got enough diapers for the baby, the toddler, organic food, formula, etc. Of course, my husband could not believe when the UPS guy delivered these giant amounts of large boxes of baby stuff. What a relief for his pocket!... Oh, I also bought baby shoes but for those I had to pay for shipping ( a little salty, I admit!), and I also could not find those amazing coupons for Amazon anywhere!! So, start working right now to start to save.
    A tip: make one e-mail just for this job, don't give your primary e-mail to avoid a mess in your personal affairs. Ok, these websites bellow are the ones I've been personally working for some years now, they are reliable, never "disappear" with my points and I always, always get my rewards!
1- This pays better than the other websites and I never see its add anywhere, it's like a hidden golden city, the best part you can have your rewards in cash!

2- I love this one! It takes forever to add enough points to redeem $25, but it's so simple and you don't have to have surveys to get points, just read the "paid e-mails". Almost forgot: When you click on the link and don't qualify you still get 10 points (which takes a whole month to be credited, but this is a business of patience!). You also can boost your points making purchases through this website. I wish they worked with Amazon! They do, but do NOT give points for that. I just buy Old Navy clothes using them, this way I get extra points:

3- This website is the best for paid e-mails. Although they pay just a little for most of them, it's good because they send a lot of paid e-mails to my inbox, more than any other one!

Well, I'll be back with more reliable surveys websites/paid e-mails soon. Try those for now and see what you get! And don't forget: Just watches and clocks work for free!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love & Other drugs - Movie

She says: "That's unfair. I want to go places!". He says: " You will, I may have to carry you, but you will!". It's a brilliant modern & contemporary love story. Outstanding performances! But a little warning: if you didn't find true love by know, this movie probably will have no meaning for you! It's a movie for those ones who truly love someone else. Here's the weblink to buy/rent and read the critics at

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Save 47% on organic baby food + free shipping on!

    I found the best deal for organic baby food

    It's from a reliable brand and you can save 47% and get free shipping! I tried and it was smooth: fast delivery, free shipping and my baby loves it!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cafe ajuda a evitar cancer de prostata

  A new study says that men who are heavy coffee drinkers are at lower risk for prostate cancer. 

  Cientistas de Harvard acompanharam/pesquisaram os habitos de 47.911 homens e chegaram 'a conclusao de que cafe, regular ou descafeinado, ajuda a prevenir cancer de prostata.

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